What We Do

At AC-AFEL Nigeria Limited, make sure all the tasks from manufacturing to the packaging of the products are performed efficiently keeping a track of time. It further results in the on time delivery, satisfaction and convenience of the customer.

Currency Rate Board

We have a full range of digital and manual operation exchange rate boards to really enhance your foreign currency sales.

Digital Checker

This new device actively scan up to 15 different security features of banknotes and make a decision in less than 1 second.

Note Counting Machine

Various models are available with features such as automatic counterfeit detection and value counting.

Hitachi ST-350

The Hitachi ST-350 is a multi-pocket banknote counter and sorting solution.


We repair and service most major banknote counters including brands such as Glory, DeLaRue, Talaris etc

Sales, Training and Consultancy

Our products are used by thousands of organizations on a daily basis throughout the Nigeria and abroad.

Strapping Machine

We offer a full range of fully automatic, automatic, and semi automatic strapping machines

Spare Parts Sales

We are one of the leading computer service center, we undertake desktop and laptop service with all major brands

Banking and Office Automation

Manage your customers efficiently , reduce walk aways and increase sales with these low cost automatic systems.

Note Binding Machine

Appreciated for its automatic functionality, this banding machine is used for binding money bundles