Every day, it feels like your company is facing more and more competition. It can feel exhausting, but competition is a good thing. It can force your business to stay on the leading edge. What you need is the right technology to support your forward momentum. Cash management technology is your best solution when it comes to keeping your business competitive.

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is with a cash counter machine, a device that quickly and accurately counts all the cash that flows through your business. Taking only seconds, it can count the total amount of a till broken down into bills and coins.

It may seem simple, and it certainly is, but your ROI will be tangible and impressive after adopting the use of a cash counter. Here are three important ways a cash counter will help your business stay competitive.

Increased Productivity

Do you know how much time your staff spends every day counting cash? Go ahead; get out the stopwatch and find out. You’ll see that employees spend a lot more time than you realized. And “spend” is the perfect word to use because every minute spent counting cash is a minute that an employee isn’t helping out a customer—which is where the cash comes from in the first place!

With a cash counter machine, your staff can unload their tills quickly and efficiently—and get back out onto the floor. You don’t need to allocate hours and hours a week to making sure every dollar is accounted for—the machine will do it for you.

Improved Accuracy

Speaking of getting employees to count cash—do you know how much money you lose to shrinkage in a month? Of course you do; there’s a line item on your budget. You may not be able to remove the need for that line, but what if there was a way you could lower those numbers? You guessed it—a cash counter machine will help minimize the amount of cash you need to absorb as a loss.

Humans are inaccurate and, when asked to count money, are bound to make mistakes (especially at the end of a long shift). You’ll find, despite the initial cost, you’ll actually be saving money right away as your shrinkage decreases. More saved cash means higher revenue returns at the end of the week, the month, and the quarter.

Counterfeit and Theft Protection

You have to worry about the safety of your cash. Cash is the lifeblood of our society, which means everyone needs it—it is how you keep the lights on, pay your employees, and grow. So when counterfeit money and theft rear their ugly heads, your business and everyone attached to it suffers.

A cash counter machine can help protect your business from the worst instances of counterfeiting and theft. The machine is programmed to detect counterfeit currency right away, so you don’t lose out. And with a machine doing all the counting for you, untrustworthy employees are unable to make a “mistake” on their count and pocket unsanctioned “bonuses” for their shifts.

A cash counting machine is the perfect way for your business to remain competitive. You’ll find your employees have more time to focus on customer satisfaction, your counting will always be 100-percent accurate, and you’ll be better protected from counterfeit bills and theft.

Combined, these benefits will improve your cash flow, which will ultimately improve your overall profits. If you’re worried about getting left behind in your market, adopt a cash counting machine today.